Scrapbook Design/Preparation

Custom Scrapbooks

I am all too familiar with just how busy life can get -- leaving many with no energy at the end of the day to preserve important photographs and memories! This often means that photos and other memorabilia end up in shoeboxes or remain on memory cards in a drawer or closet, eventually getting lost along with the memories that are so precious. The only perfect memories are those that are preserved! That's one of the reasons why I am so passionate about all of the scrapbook services offered here at Your Scrapping Café.

Everyone should be able to pass along cherished memories & heritage to their loved ones. Preferably not just the boxes & envelopes of unidentified photographs and forgotten memories; but organized and preserved in a scrapbook. Make the effort now to preserve your photos and the precious memories you're creating every day. Tell the stories that make them special so that future generations can experience and share the loving memories from their past. Don't let future generations look at strangers left in a box and wonder what their story was.

You may have every intention (and all the supplies) to create that wonderful scrapbook. But, what you lack is the time (and/or energy) to tackle what feels like a daunting task. Your Scrapping Café is here to help you do just that. With your input we can create a custom designed scrapbook "project" for you. This project can be an album, a single page, a 2-page layout, or other product created and designed specifically around your photo, event, memorabilia, color choices/theme. Each project we create will uniquely showcase your precious photos and/or memories.

Journaling is an integral part of the memory preservation process. Journaling is generally a very personal activity. It is in its simplest form a recollection of the events or people in your photographs. Too often these little details get forgotten and lost if not recorded. A good rule of thumb for each photo/event is to document the "Who", "What", "Where" (if not self-explanatory), "When" (month, day, year) and/or other important information surrounding the moment. Your Scrapping Café can include journaling in your project for you so long as you provide the information you want to capture. You can either hand-write the information on cardstock suitable for inclusion in the project or we can type and print the journaling for you. Alternatively, you can choose to journal AFTER we complete the project. Just identify which pages will need space for journaling as well as an approximate size of space needed and the project design will include blank space for you to add the journaling at your convenience.

Ever thought about presenting a "starter" (no photos) album as a gift. These are great for new mothers or kids going off on a school trip, to camp or even to college for the first time. But, you're not a scrapbooker either (or you don't have the time) so you don't know what to do. No problem...just let us know the theme/color scheme, specific page "titles" (1st tooth, 1st roommate, 1st tour stop, etc.,) total number of pages, and anything else you can think of that will aid in the design or your gift album. Your Scrapping Café will then design the pages/layouts leaving photo & journaling space so it can all be added later!

If you contract with Your Scrapping Café to design/prepare a scrapbook project we can supply all of the materials necessary to complete the project. We can use only materials that you provide or a combination of both. All materials provided by Your Scrapping Café (i.e., cardstock, patterned paper, assorted embellishments, stickers, fibers, etc.,) will be acid/lignin free and safe to use with photographs. Your Scrapping Café will not guarantee that materials provided by a client (any memorabilia such as newspapers, cards, postcards, napkins, announcements, or other items) meet the traditional definition of acid/lignin free. Such client provided items can be handled (at an additional charge) to neutralize the acid level and mounted on acid/lignin free cardstock or for added safety they can be placed in a memorabilia pocket.

To view a sample scrapbook please visit the Sample Scrapbook page. Please see our Project Pricing for more information about packages/costs!. If you have questions or are ready to contact us about these services please send an email to: