Thanks so very much for stopping by Your Scrapping Café! Before you read much further please note -- as of September 23, 2016 the Café will no longer operate out of a "brick & mortar" location!!

The Café will continue to exist in some form but exactly what that will be is still undetermined. I appreciate all of the customers who supported the Café over the years. To you I extend a HUGE Thank You for giving me a spectacular 8 year run. I've made a lot of friends and learned more from all of you than I ever hoped to teach. Most of all, I've been able to do what I love doing - helping people experience the joy of scrapbooking. I hope you've had at least half as much fun as I.

Location Closing Sale

Now, for the fun part; as a result of the original features of the Café, there are many tools/supplies available. There are duplicates of many items and more paper than 5 people would need in a lifetime of scrapbooking. We could probably "decorate" Beavercreek with all the glitter, shimmer sprays, powders, bling, paints, markers and other embellishments. And I won't even get started on all of the clear acrylic (and some rubber) stamps -- certainly more than one person needs. While I intend to continue providing some services somehow -- there just isn't room in my basement for "the Café". That said, nearly everything needs a new home!

Effective immediately, these supplies are for sale. Open shopping hours are listed below. You can view the list of items (with prices) by clicking the image below.

Liquidation Sale

All purchases will be on a CASH & Carry basis -- no credit cards -- no checks -- no shipping. All sales are FINAL. Some items, while available for immediate purchase, may not be available for pick-up until after September 11, 2016.

You may email questions to: LetsScrap@YourScrappingCafe.com. Items may be sold via email if a date/time for purchase can be negotiated. The list of available items will be updated as necesary (likely daily) as items are sold. Please check back regularly for updates!!!

Open Shopping

Your Scrapping Café (4200 Col. Glenn Hwy, Ste 200, Beavercreek, OH 45431) will be open to the public for "shopping" on the following schedule:

Your Scrapping Café reserves the right to alter this posted schedule without notice. Please check back regularly for updates!!!

Custom Services

Custom scrapbook services are one of our specialties. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind piece of paper for your scrapbook, a custom die-cut, unique ribbon or maybe you just want someone to create an entire scrapbook for you...Your Scrapping Café is the answer. Please keep an eye on this site as I work on how we'll continue to provide these custom services!

Your Scrapping Café Team


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